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Merlin Garage Door Openers

The garage door is the largest moving appliance in your house  

The average garage door is opened and closed around  2000 times per year. This movement is powered by an automatic garage door opener. 

Like all appliances garage door openers need to be looked after so that they continue to work properly - no one wants their car stuck in the garage when they need to be somewhere! From time to time you'll need to think about servicing and adjusting your garage door opener and Auckland Garage Door Repair Man is able to make this a painless process.   

Servicing all brands of Garage Door Openers:

  • Merlin
  • Guardian
  • Dominator
  • Parker
  • TRV300
  • Tilt A Matic
  • B&D
  • ATA Securalift
  • Windsor

Replacement Garage Door Openers

Sometimes the only option is to replace your garage door opener. Our mobile technicians carry a range of Merlin Replacement Automatic Garage Door Openers to suit all brands of domestic garage doors. All new Merlin garage door openers we fit are:
  • Come with a minimum 5 year warranty (7 year warranty on premium garage door openers)
  • Known for their reliability
  • Backed up by Merlin's Service Department in Auckland

Tilt Master - MT100 - 7 year Warranty

Residential Tilt and Sectional Doors

Doors up to 20m2

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Power Ace

Power Ace - 5 year Warranty

Powering Sectional doors. As quiet as a mouse, this energy efficient opener has the latest security and multi frequency technology.

Sectional Doors

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Merlin Whisper Drive - MT3850 - 7 year Warranty

A DC Sectional Garage Door opener for Heavy Doors.  Comes with Battery backup providing secure opening and closing in times of power failure.

Sectional Doors

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CyclonePro - 5 Year Warranty

Single Dwelling Residential Sectional Door Automatic Opener. Ideal for Cyclone, wind rated and heavy custom doors. Specifically developed for automating cyclone doors in cyclone-prone areas of Australia, CyclonePro is the safe solution for powering cyclone, wind rated and heavy custom doors.


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Merlin MR650 - 5 year Warranty

A versatile and powerful DC Slimline Roller Door Opener for single or double garage doors.

Roller Door

Up to 12.5 Sqm

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Merlin MR850 - 7 year Warranty

A Premium DC Slimline Roller Door Opener, nominated for an Australian International Design Award.  Comes with optional battery backup in case of power failure and integrated monitored output for home automation.

Roller Door

Up to 16.5 Sqm

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Merlin MJ3800

The Designers Choice. This innovative opener is installed beside the door, leaving your garage ceiling clear. Powerful, quiet and packed with accessories including safety beams, deluxe wall control and automatic close this opener is the ideal choice

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Not sure if you need a new garage door opener or just a service?

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